Mortise and Tenon Half Log/Timber Stairway Installation Guide

Read all instructions before you begin. (Several helpers may be required.) Determine if a joist extension is needed for your application. If so, secure the extension to the joist using the best application for your job. If you have a landing, the stringer is designed to sit on the floor. A landing extension may be required. Please refer to the drawings enclosed in your instruction envelope.
Because of varying codes throughout the nation, it may be necessary to trim the front or back of the treads to eliminate excessive over hang (most common range 3/4" to 1 3/4".)
Check with your local building codes. Determine if this applies to your timber stairway, and trim treads before assembly. This information can be found on the CAD drawings. The top tread must be trimmed to sit flush against the header. This can be done before assembly. Insert the top tread into the stringers. Mark the tread where the stringer will sit flush on the header/extension.
Option A
1) Secure one stringer to the joist and floor.
2) Apply general construction adhesive into each mortise before inserting the tread.
3) Place one tenon at a time into the mortised stringer.
4) Secure the tread with the lag screws provided.
5) Lift the other stringer into place and insert the other side of the tenoned tread into this stringer.
6) Lag the treads to hold the stringer.
7) Secure the second stringer to the joist.
8) Insert the wood plust into the bolt holes if desired.
9) If your stringer has been fly cut to fit tight to the wall, it is required you bolt it to the wall.
Option B
Assemble the entire half log/timber stairway laying down and then lift into place and secure as needed.

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