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Log Spiral Stairways will require some one-on-one dialog with you to dial everything in to your specific project.

We encourage you to contact us by phone to discuss the parameters associated with your spiral stairway build.


General Spiral Staircase Information

At least 78" of headroom clearance must be maintained from the front edge of treads that may be compromised by the upper floor joist.

Ideally, spiral staircases work best when the staircase well opening can accommodate the entire diameter of the spiral staircase in one direction or the other.  So then; a minimum 6 foot square staircase well opening is desirable.

The table below shows total spiral stairway diameter relative to individual tread width.  It also suggests the minimum angle of rotation.  We will help you determine whether your spiral staircase should be a clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation (orientation from the top towards the bottom).

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