Half Log Stairs

Log stairs are another specialty of ours. As you consider the elements of your home's layout there are a few things that allow you to integrate function as well as aesthetic form. Every log stairway can be built with our cedar log railings to accompany them. Each staircase is custom built to fit your exact specifications so there is no need for adjustment on site. The style of your log home stairway is one simple way to make a distinctive, rustic feel that stands out from the everyday norm. Have something unique in mind? Custom projects are something we do every day. Visualizing and designing a log staircase for you home can be a difficult task. Let us make it easy for you. Our log stairways are built with CAD/CNC technology to enusre a perfect fit every time. This allows us to provide you with a 3D model to help visualize the end result. We help you make your dream home come true just the way you pictured it.

Dual Cope and Half Log Stairway

(Pictured below)

Dual Cope Full Log Stairway
We can help custom fit your home with a full cope log stairway. Our log home stairways are built from the finest of kiln-dried white pine logs to ensure a long lasting, stable finished product. Each Tread is nominally 12" wide, and can be as long as 24 feet in length to accommodate large and small spaces. A bird's mouth notch will work great with limited space. This will allow you to easily connect the stringers to a landing or other surface. Add our log railings to give the staircase an even more rustic appeal.

Half Log Mortise and Tenon

(Pictured below)

Half Log Mortise and Tenon Stairway
Want something just a little different than you see anywhere else? The stringers attach to the side of the tread with a mortise and tenon joint. If the stringer butts up against the wall, we can flatten the outer edge. The rounded edge will remain exposed to maintain the log profile. Add a cedar log railing to improve the rustic feel of the stairway. The beauty of this design is that the code requirements are met for even the most aggressive of stair angles and if you are looking for a lofted bed ladder this design can easily be scaled to 10" or 8" log material.

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