Log Stairway Ordering Guide

Mortise & Tenon/Timber/Full Log

Choose which style of log stairway or timber stairway you would like: dual cope or mortise and tenon. The mortise and tenon stairways have a few options available for stringers and tread. We also have a conventional timber stairway available. Below you'll find a link to a printable pdf version of the ordering guide.
Stairway Ordering Guide PDF

Log Spiral Stairway

Building Specs Needed:
Rotation of stairway: clockwise or counter clockwise
Total rise from finished floor to finished floor
Thickness of upper floor joist with sub floor
Angle of rotation (see charts below for help) Total Diameter of staircase = Tread width x 2 + 17" (Code Min. 69")

Type of Opening for the Log Spiral Stairway

Well opening (Figure 1)
The width (dimension x) must be at least the length of the tread plus 3". The overall width (dimension y) will depend on the particular stairway specs. It may not need to be the diameter of the stairway. The length (dimension z) will be dependent on the extension of the upper floor. There must be at least 78" of headroom from the front edge of the tread and the upper floor joist. ideally well openings would accommodate the whole diameter of the staircase in one direction or the other.

Figure 1

Open Loft (Figure 2)

If a landing is installed at the top of the log stairway, there will be more options available for the staircase in regards to required vertical clearances. Railings for the stairway will be 3" thick. Table 1 shows dimension options based on tread width. The minimum angle of rotation is the amount of rotation required to pass building code for exposed tread surface: 12" from the narrowest part of the tread. Any tread width and individual rise combination can be considered if code requirements do not have to be met. All tread material is cut from 16" diameter half logs.

Figure 2

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