Dual Cope Log Stairway Installation Guide

Start by checking to be sure you have all the parts listed on the packing slip for your rustic log stairway. You should have two log stringers for each run of stairs. The packing slip will specify the number of treads that are manufactured for your pine log stairway. You will also have four lag screws, washers, and wood plugs. We include 3" x 8' half rails to be attached to the outside of the treads to eliminate the open triangle between the underside of the railing and the top of the tread. In some cases, this is required by building code. Please check with your local building inspector.
1) Lift each stringer into place. Space them on center to match the tread copes. This is very critical to a proper installation.
2) Make sure you install the rustic log stairway according to the dimensions you supplied for manufacturing.
3) Temporarily tack the stringers in place. When you are sure the stringer placement is correct, secure the stringers permanently.
4) When screwing the treads from the top, mark the top of each tread center to center of the cope. This will help to keep all lags and plugs in line from bottom tread to top tread.
5) Start at the bottom of the rustic log stairway setting the treads in place. Level the tread from front to back. Mark the top of the tread for the placement of the lags. Two lags should be secured through the top of the tread for the left stringer and two lags for the right stringers. Drill a 1" counter-sink hole for the plug. Drill a 3/8" pilot hole through the center of the counter-sink hole. Place a washer onto the lag, and drive the lag screw through the pilot hole into the stringer until it is secure.
6) The top tread will have to be trimmed to allow it to sit flush on the header. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE LAG SCREW.
7) Place wood plugs into the lag holes. Trim flush with tread.
8) If required, fit and secure the half rail to the outside of the treads as show in the photo below.
9) Apply finish of your choice.
10) Install your stair railings to match your new pine log stairway! The installation guide for these can be found Here

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