Cedar Log Railing Ordering Guide

Here is an example of a drawing for your cedar log railing sections. We tried to include a few examples of what you may require. Please draw them from a birds eye view. This allows for a much more accurate understanding of the layout. Make sure to measure from corner to corner if we are providing posts. If there are existing posts take your measurements from between the existing posts. Inside measurements of the posts is critical with existing posts. Logs vary greatly in diameter. For example: an 8" diameter post can be anywhere from 7 1/2" to 8 1/2". Angles other than 90 degrees must be provided. Please state if you would like posts at sections intersecting walls. We also have half posts available. Below you will find a printable version of our ordering guides. Please fill these out and email them to us.

Stair Railing Order Guide PDF

Railing Order Guide PDF

Cedar Log Stair Railing

Our log stair railing can be tenoned and the posts drilled for the log stair railing sections. This requires very accurate information. We also offer square cut ends. The square cut ends include 4" of over length on each end. Providing extra railing length on each end will allow you to trim the railings onsite for a perfect fit. We need an individual rise and run of each tread or step. From this we can calculate the angle of your stairway. It also allows us to double check the diagonal measurement for accuracy. Sections greater than 8' requre more than one post. Please select the post location before measuring railing lengths. If you are unsure of where you would like the post located, we can place it directly in the middle. If your stairway has a landing at the top or bottom, we will need to have the rise and run of both the upper and lower stairs. In a lot of cases the angle may vary slightly between them.

Below you will find a detailed guide on how to measure your stairway.

Log Stairway from Birds Eye View

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